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The right tuition program (TAP) benefits the organization and the employee. Yet it remains one of the more underutilized company perks. 

Find out why HR and management should encourage employees to take advantage of these opportunities and:

What strategic education benefits looks like in today's organizations

How companies directly benefit from employees using tuition programs

Ways to boost interest in tuition reimbursement opportunities through the company

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Millions of datapoints at work for you. There are over 17,000 online degree programs, each with their own features, benefits, requirements and options. There are also a growing number of alternatives from competency-based education to low-cost online courses for credit. ClearDegree helps you expand your research while making sense of it all.

Unbiased options tailored just for you. Degree search sites often show you only what schools or marketers are paying them to show you. ClearDegree works on your behalf, doing research and talking with schools based on your goals, your needs and your parameters. Because you pay for our service you are our only focus when it comes to finding a match. We will never take a dime from any school to recommend their program.

You start sooner and with a bigger return on investment. Our in-depth interview and research process typically takes 2 to 4 weeks, start to finish. We’ll do all the grunt work to save you time and money, and present you with the information you need to feel confident that you're taking the right step with the right school.


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Why You Should Encourage Employees to Take Advantage of Your Tuition Program

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