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Encouraging your team to finish their degrees or get an advanced degree can maximize performance, attract top talent and retain employees.

ClearDegree is your partner in helping your team find the perfect online degree program. Our proprietary research not only expands their options, but we engage directly with colleges on their behalf to provide a customized, negotiated match for each degree seeker. We focus exclusively on accredited degree programs and present unbiased options to help get your company the maximum value for your reimbursement dollar.

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Maximize your employees’ performance by finding their perfect degree program.

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Why Choose ClearDegree?

Get more for your tuition dollar. Companies with tuition reimbursement programs use ClearDegree to get the most efficient and effective use of their reimbursement dollars. Even without a reimbursement program, a ClearDegree perk means that your company can partner with employees to enhance their career. The investment in ClearDegree pays off in multiples with each employee.

Save time and money. Working adults cite time and cost as major factors that delay going back to school. ClearDegree does the work to find the ideal online degree program at an optimized price, saving employees thousands in tuition and literally save hundreds of hours in research and engagement.

No more one-size-fits-all degrees. Corporate partnerships with specific colleges are great, but they can be limiting. With ClearDegree, each employee is interviewed, profiled and presented with customized options from thousands of programs that align with their personal and professional needs.


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Step 1
We interview your employee, reviewing their profile, preparation and preferences.
Step 2
Based on the profile, we research and provide an initial match of up to 20 degree programs.
Step 3
We review the list with the employee, filtering down to a short list of up to 6 degree programs.
Step 4
We interview those schools, getting answers to over 40 questions on features, benefits and the student experience.
Step 5
We negotiate options with the school, discussing costs, prerequisites, transfer credits and more.
Step 6
We present the complete narrative for each program, ranking them based on the best match for the employee’s specific situation.

Once your employee has made their final decision, ClearDegree will assist them through the application process, making sure they receive the right degree at the best price.

The ClearDegree Process

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[My ClearDegree counselor] was extremely professional, positive, and accessible. His turn-around time was outstanding, and he helped me successfully navigate my options in a way that is clear and straightforward.

Corey B.


This service is amazing. I had never heard of Clear Degree, but I'm so glad I learned about this service and learned more about them. Clear Degree has saved me an immense amount of time and money, and I'm super thankful!